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American Dream


Writer- Shane Barmby

Publishing -Shane Barmby 


Writers - Shane Barmby and Bobby Randall

Publishing - Shane Barmby and Bobby Randall


Writers - Tony Ray Jones, Tammy Vice, and John Swaim

Publishing - TrayJ Music, Vice Grip Music, Just Picking Publishing


Just For The Heaven Of It


Writers - Aaron Gayle Barker, Jerry Salley, and Jim McBride

Publishing - Rightfield Music, Songs of Daniel Music, and Skymonkey Music


The Grass Ain’t Always Greener


Writer - Matt Maverick

Publishing - Matt Herren Music


My Life’s A Country Song


Writers - Shane Barmby and Bobby Randall

Publishing - Shane Barmby and Bobby Randall


Line In The Sand


Writers - Brett Douglas Moody, Daniel Kleindienst, and Tony Ray Jones

Publishing - Brett Douglas Moody, Banner Music, and TrayJ Music


The Love Of My Life


Writers - Matt Maverick and Heather Herren-Maverick

Publishing - Matt Herren Music and Heather Herren Publishing


Happy Hour (Shouldn’t Be So Sad) 


Writers - Jenee Fleenor, Jerry Salley, and Josh Matheny

Publishing - Universal-Brentwood Benson Tunes, Naynerpuddinpie Publishing, Curb Publishing


What Country Is To Me


Writers - Matt Maverick, Heather Herren-Maverick, Marie M Taggart, and Tony Ray Jones

Publishing - Matt Herren Music, Marie M Taggart, Heather Herren Publishing, and Trayj Music


Get Something Done

Writers - Tony Ray Jones, Heather Herren-Maverick, Matt Maverick

Publishing - TrayJ Music, Matt Herren Music, Heather Herren Publishing




Brent Mason -Electric Guitar

James Mitchell - Electric Guitar 

Bruce Bouton - Steel Guitar - 

Scotty Sanders - Steel Guitar

Lonnie Wilson - Drums

Joel Key - Acoustic Guitar; Banjo

Duncan Mullins - Bass Guitar

Aubrey Haynie - Fiddle; Mandolin

Andy Leftwich - Fiddle

Johnny Brown - Piano; B3

All background vocals performed by Chip Davis and Billy Davis

Executive Producer - Tony Ray Jones

Arranger - Tony Ray Jones

Engineer and Mixing - John Nicholson

Recorded at Hilltop Studios Nashville, Tennessee

Photography and Graphics - Marie Taggart  ©ReeDesigns 

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