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Check out news and buzz for Matt Maverick and his music below.  

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Saving Country Music.Com

You see it all of the time on social media, especially on Facebook. Some no name from somewhere posts a video of somebody covering an old classic country song, and it goes viral due to how surprisingly astounding the amateur singer is, and how much so many of us miss the old songs that you never hear coming from mainstream country music anymore. The simple fact is that most novice country music singers performing in their living rooms likely sound better and have more talent than whatever is oozing out of corporate radio these days................................. 


Country Music Express Magazine

A viral video helped catapult Arkansas native Matt Maverick into the country music industry.  Although Maverick had always enjoyed singing and had been doing it recreationally since he was three years old, he never pursued music professionally.  He convinced his wife Heather Herren-Maverick to date him by singing Keith Whitley's "Don't Close Your Eyes" and she fell instantly in love with his voice.  However, life and career happened, and Matt's singing became few and far between.  Fast forward to March of 2020, in the height of the 2020 Covid-19...........


Radio Osteraker

30 minute full length radio interview with 5 songs played from Matt Maverick's debut album: American Dream.

Choose February 6, 2022 and scroll to 0:10:19 to begin radio interview

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