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Matt Pack CARES!


What is Matt Pack Cares?

Matt believes in giving back and has always dreamed of helping a few great causes in a BIG way.  He was really inspired by his fans when he ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money to make his first EP "Made For Me" and his fans continued to contribute and donate the items that they bought to other Matt Pack members who couldn't afford to contribute.  What better way to honor The Matt Pack's generosity than to use some of the money generated through the sales of Matt's music to improve upon the world?  Although there are many worthy organizations deserving of help, there are a few that Matt can personally identify with:  


1.   St. Jude Research Hospital 

2.  Military and Veteran Partner

St. Jude Research Hospital

Matt lived at St. Jude as a patient during his childhood.  When he was 15, he developed luekemia.  He was fortunate enough to have been treated for this disease at St. Jude Childrens Hospital in Memphis TN.  He fought and beat the disease in 2 1/2 years with the help of St. Jude's research team, doctors, nurses and staff.  Because of St. Jude's nonprofit structure, his family never received a bill.  They only had to focus on helping him recover.  He has been in remission since 1998.  Matt wants to make sure that St. Jude is around forever so that other children can beat the disease and grow up to live to fufill their DREAMS just like him!  10% of all online merchandise sales will go directly to St. Jude.  Help Matt Help children with cancer Here.

Veterans Organization

Matt is also a very patriotic individual.  He understands that our military and veterans are a vital part of our great country and our freedoms.  Matt loves to give back to Military causes and organizations.  He needs your help to do this on a local and national level.  Therefore, he has chosen The Beck Center for Veterans. 

Matt has pledged that a total of 10% of profits on "I Wouldn't Be Here" Music and Merch will be split between each of these veterans organization . 

Help us say thank you to our veterans Here

Finally, a percentage of the proceeds of all gigs and events will be evenly split between both of these wonderful organizations. 



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