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Matt's Story

Matt Maverick was born and raised in the Mississippi delta of northeastern Arkansas where cotton fields stretch for miles.  He grew up living a simple life of hunting, fishing, and playing outside with his younger sister and brother.  Music was a huge part of his upbringing.  


A talented guitarist and bass-player himself, Maverick’s Dad often played music on the weekends in a band at local honky-tonks. Harmonizing with his mother and siblings as his dad strummed, Matt developed and honed his craft singing in Church and at family barbecues and reunions.  Music was the family past-time.  


Matt bonded with his grandmother over traditional country as she played old records of Emmylou Harris, Patsy Cline, and Johnny Cash.  It was nothing for Maverick’s dad to sit on the front porch and start pickin’ a George Jones, Keith Whitley, or Lefty Frizzell tune on the guitar.  Of course, Matt would always sing along.   


At the age of 15, Matt was diagnosed with leukemia, and he spent the next year undergoing intense treatments of chemotherapy at St. Jude Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.  Maverick listened to music on his portable CD player to help pass the time and take his mind off of his disease.  “I feel like music helped heal my soul as well as my body during that time” says Maverick.  Maverick’s wife Heather says, “That was a dark time, but I believe that it was also when God was transforming Matt into a person who can feel and convey music on a level deeper than your average vocalist.”   


Miraculously, Maverick went into remission, and his cancer never relapsed.  He went on to marry his first love Heather, father his son Trevor, and live a normal life - until the 2020 pandemic.  


Bored in quarantine, Matt sat on his couch in his pajamas singing some of his favorite karaoke tunes.  Eager to savor the moment, his wife secretly recorded him singing a cover of The Dance by Garth Brooks, and posted it on the internet.  It went viral, and Matt gained an instant following of loyal fans.  To help people cope with the stress of the global shutdown, Maverick started taking karaoke requests on Facebook.  


Followers were instantly attracted not only to Matt’s incredible voice, but also his impeccable values.  Matt is family man, proud patriot, and believes in preserving traditional country music and its roots.  

Fast forward to present time, Maverick now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, has released a full-length studio album, and is pursuing music full time.  He has now played live all over the country including Ohio, Texas, Arkansas, and Tennessee.  Matt, along with his faithful fanbase, The Matt Pack, is currently on a mission to bring traditional country music back in style.  

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