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True Country

Matt Maverick is a neo-traditional country singer/songwriter and Nashville recording artist. Heavy on the steel guitar, fiddle, and telecaster in all his songs, his music is reminiscent of a bygone era that true country fans have been missing for over a decade.  A champion for traditional country music, Matt believes real country is wholesome with infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics.   Heavily influenced by country traditionalists such as Alan Jackson, George Strait, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley, and Hank Sr., Matt's own songs represent the hardships and struggles the working man experiences just living life.    

Matt took the internet by storm in 2020, when a video of him singing The Dance by Garth Brooks went viral on Facebook.  He gained an immediate and loyal online following (self-named The Matt Pack) that grew like wildfire during quarantine and has continued to grow daily.  

In a time when country music stations play more pop or hip hop songs than anything that actual country music fans would recognize, Matt emerged with his debut studio album, American Dream, consisting of songs about love, cheating, drinking, loving God and America, financial struggles, loss, and more!  No one conveys emotions better than Matt Maverick.  Something about the way he sings makes listeners feel the music. Regardless of whether they enjoy upbeat tunes that make them want to dance and sing along or tear-jerkers that make them cry, Matt Maverick's album has something for all traditional country fans. American Dream released on January 7, 2022.


Maverick's classic songwriting combined with his rich, soothing, and pitch perfect baritone voice mesmerizes any fan of real country music and instantly converts him or her into a Matt Maverick fan for life.  His first single "Get Something Done" off the American Dream project is a toe-tapping fan-favorite that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face and convince them to get up and dance.  


"The Love of My Life", penned by Maverick with his wife Heather, show listeners what Matt believes is truly important in life.  In his music video, Maverick uses photos submitted by fans from all over the world to show that true love is timeless and that it looks the same for everyone that experiences it.  His song suggests that the little things in life such as waking up in the morning and marrying your soul mate are what truly matters.  

With American Dream's success and phenomenal fan feedback, Maverick is already writing and planning a second studio album for the near future. 


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